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About the Author

Who Is?

TRAVIS PEAGLER is a very unique individual, from being

the youngest of seven kids, raised partially in low-income

apartments on the east side of Dayton, OH until the age of nine.

Humble beginnings in growing in a somewhat multi-racial

neighborhood gave Travis an inimitable perspective on life at

a very young age.

His imagination has always been his outlet. Thinking back

to grade school when he was in an uncomfortable situation or

when he didn’t handle a conflict well, Travis would always

replay the scene back in his mind where things played out the

way he wished. An innate defense mechanism, he assumes.

But, that’s when he discovered that he was a quick

thinker and could really make up some cool stories, with his

wild and vivid imagination. Slowly, he began to embrace this

wonderful gift of mastering words, and creating stories and

make-believe characters.

Travis loves telling original stories; something he truly

feels has been lacking since the 80s and early 90s, in his

opinion. There are so many great stories, floating around in

the atmosphere, that are yet to be told. His aim is to catch as

many as he can and share them with the world.